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Founder and C.O.O.

Rae Erickson

I have a Bachelors Degree in Management/Accounting and I was a licensed administrator in a Long Term Care facility in Arkansas. Several years ago I had a patient admitted that was quite young, her name was Kathleen and she was dying of bone cancer. In addition to this, she had not had an easy life. Without going into much detail about what she confided in me, I will tell you that the only love she ever knew was that of her cats, whom she had grown to care for and love like children. Due to certain events she had no true family to care for her and the cats filled a very deep void. Kathleen had to leave them behind when she was admitted for care and she knew they would end up in a shelter or turned loose, never for her to see them again, which caused her even greater stress and depression.

At that time animal visitation in medical facilities was almost unheard of and cats were definitely not encouraged. I had a calico cat of my own named Cleo and one day I thought I would suprise Kathleen. I brought Cleo to the facility that day not really knowing what to expect, hoping to let Kathleen pet her a little and then keeping her in my office until I returned home. I took my cat into Kathleen's room and Cleo immediately settled into bed with Kathleen, somehow I think it made them both incredibly happy. I began to bring Cleo everyday I worked, she would even run to Kathleen's room without any direction. When Cleo was there Kathleen ate better, had less vomiting and pain, not only during, but after her chemotherapy. Cleo was there till the end with Kathleen and I know that after such a hard life and passing away so young that some part of it was made a little easier by the cat's presence. It affected me in a way that I can't describe, but I knew that there had to be some way to help other people going through the same heartache.

I have had 10 years in the medical field, which provided me an insight into the unique needs of those entering hospice and long term care.  Having worked in an assisted living setting I do have an idea of the difficulties both patients and staff members face. I have worked in programs that offer therapy and companion animals to nursing homes, hospices, and hospitals but always found that patients miss their own pets. When I began working with a local animal rescue organization I had several incidents where people are facing placement in an assisted living facility or  hospice and the sadness and separation of losing their pet is heartbreaking.  I have felt for sometime that something needs to be done for these special needs but no organization is set up to help, until now.
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