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We greatly appreciate your interest in helping to save needy animals in our community!

Q: How much do you charge for your adoption fees?
A: Dog adoption fee is $200. Cat adoption fee is $40.

Q: What does the adoption fee include?
A: When you adopt a pet from us, they will be current on their vaccinations, will have been checked for parasites and will have been spayed or neutered.

Q: Why do you do a home check before allowing an adoption?
A:  We try to place animals in a home environment that is suitable for the individual needs of each pet. Size and temperament of the animals are carefully considered as are the needs and constraints of their prospective families.

Q: I don't have much money to give, and I can't foster or adopt. Is there anything else I can do to help "Those Left Behind?"
A: Absolutely! Please take a look at our "Ways to Help" page to see how you can help animals by donating your time, old cell phones, kennels, useful household and pet items.

Q: Why do we do it?
A: We both feel like there is a need for this service.  Other rescues are busy helping the animals and that is great but what about the families and owners.  We know how painful this transition to assisted living is and we think the owner and pet will benefit from what we do.

Q: What is the cost?
A: There is no cost to take in your animal.  We work through donations and contributions from corporate sponsors.  We do know this is an expensive and time consuming rescue but we hope to off set the costs through donations, contributions, and grants.  We use all volunteers with a dedication to what we are doing and want to help the animals and families with all our services.

Q: Where do the pets live?
A: All our animals live in foster care.  They do not stay in kennels or shelters.  They live in homes with families and are treated like a beloved pet.  They sleep in the beds, lay on the couches, and swim in the pools.  We publish videos so that families can see how their pets will be living.  When the time comes the pet will be adopted out after careful screening, home visits, and after adoption visitation.  All pets when they are adopted out are micro chipped to make sure if anything happens the pet comes back to us.

Q: How do I become a Foster?
A: Simply fill out the form below and we will contact you.