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Helping Our Pets in Emergencies

Our pets can be the center of our lives and though we hope they will always be cared for, the unforeseen happens.  This is why we are offering “Helping Our Pets in Emergencies” or HOPE.  This is a tax deductible membership fee that gives you a program of protection for your pet.  When medical emergencies happen such as accidents, sudden medical impairment (heart attack, stroke, or other life threatening illness), or other sudden medical conditions come up none of us is prepared.  These are events that none of us predict or want to happen but we know they do.  One of our founders discovered this through her own life experience and the thought after “get to the hospital” is “what of the animals in the home”.  We have found the typical response is either the pet is left home alone with no one knowing the animal is there and can be left unattended for days before it is discovered or that your law enforcement agency calls your local Animal Control agency and they go in and remove the animal to a shelter.  This is a whole new set of problems either the animal is left alone without food, water, and relief to the outside or the shelter as in most states only hold the animal for 10 days and then the decision is made to euthanize if the shelter is full or adoption.  Neither of these situations is what we want for our pets but what can we do.  Some of us have the luxury of having family or friends that may step in but if they are out of town or with you their concern is you not the pet.

What your membership fee offers you is peace of mind.  We provide magnets for your car, notifications for your home windows, and a card stating to call your own personal HOPE (Angel).  You fill out a contract giving us permission (upon notification of the medical emergency) to have your police department, animal control agency, or neighbors come in with us and give us access to your home to remove your pets.  If for some reason the police or animal control remove the pet from your home the contract gives us permission to go to your shelter or animal control agency and remove your pet as soon as possible.  Your pet will then go immediately into foster care and we will notify your micro chip agency, the hospital, and all contacts that you list on your membership of where the pet is.  We will maintain your pet in a home environment which is much more preferential then a shelter situation.  Your loved one is already frightened that you are gone they do not need the added fear and stress of a shelter situation.

We have researched the cost of what it would cost if you were lucky enough to have someone pick up your pet and put them in boarding or the cost at animal shelters.

Days of typical hospital admission as a result of an accident or medical emergency is 10 days (at the minimum).

10 days in hospitalX $30 per day boarding =$300
Result pet is confused, frightened, placed with unfamiliar animals without a home setting

10 days in hospitalX $10 shelter fee=$100
Result pet is confused, frightened, placed with unfamiliar animals, placed in kennels and after 10 days the risk of euthanasia or adoption to another family

Our program
Unlimited days in hospital/rehab X 0 Added costs (The Cost is covered by Annual Membership Fee)

Our program is a $300 tax deductible donation for the first full year then $250 membership donation each year after.  We offer the ability to make this membership fee in monthly donations.  You will receive your HOPE package with your membership donation (even the monthly plan) and completed contract.  We work on the honor system and believe that you value our service and will make your monthly donation.  We don’t expect you to wait for your protection we want to help when the need arises.  Though we are based at this time in Las Vegas, NV we will work with all members nation wide.  If you are interested please call us and we will investigate the ability to help you in your area.  Our program offers placement for your pet in a foster home with a foster parent that understands the situation and is there to comfort your pet.  This gives you the ability to take care of yourself and have peace of mind knowing that your pet is safe and being loved.

We appreciate all donations and know each of you understands the costs of maintaining the animals the way we do.  But this is an added service that we offer to give you the added peace of mind and know that we try very hard to have no pets “Left Behind”.

For more information please contact us and we will be happy to explain what we do and how we can be your H.O.P.E. Angel.

To sign up for this program, please complete our H.O.P.E. Contract.