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We have expert trappers and offer our services.  We will trap any stray or abandoned dog in the Las Vegas area.  This service is supported through community donations.  Contact us if you have a stray or abaondoned dog through phone or email.  We will give you start up procedures then our experts will come out with a humane trap and work with you to save the dog.

Other organizations do a wonderful job of rescuing pets lost or abandoned due to home foreclosure or families unable to care for the pet.  These animals have many organizations to look after them so we offer a different type of rescue.  We rescue pets displaced by abuse or domestic abuse.  We will hold the pet, for a limited time, until the family can get back on their feet and are able to care for the pet (this will be on a case by case basis).  If they are not able to have their pet return home the pet will be fostered until the pet is able to move on to a forever home.  We do not want any one staying in an abusive situation because they cannot find help for their pet.  We are there when you need us.

We offer a solution for those owners, through no fault of their own, that must find alternative placement for their pets.  When a person is facing long term care placement or hospice care they must make many decisions.  One of those decisions may include their pet.  Some individuals may not have family that can take care of their pet long term or permanently.  Or they may not have family at all and are faced with decision of either placing their pet in a shelter or having them euthanized because they fear how the pet will react to shelter placement.  We offer placement of these pets in foster homes where they will live with families not in kennels.  We will bring the pet to visit the family members in their facility setting and be there if or when the owner is passing.  If you do not wish to have your pet visit that is fine too we will either maintain them in foster care (please see restrictions) or we will place the pet into adoptions to find a forever home. 

As an organization we believe the last thing someone needs to be deciding is what to do with their pet when facing this time in their life.  “Those Left Behind” Foundation offers you an alternative to this decision. 

Please see intake conditions and procedures for more information.
We greatly appreciate your interest in helping to save needy animals in our community!

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