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Conditions and procedures for intake of pets:

All potential clients must fill out an “Owner Release Pet Profile”.

The pet can only be surrendered by its owner prior to admission to a medical facility or placement into Hospice care.

Each case will be evaluated on a case by case basis and determined by several factors:
   The temperament of the pet in question
   Time frame for admission into facility or home Hospice
   Availability of Foster care
   Needs of the pet in question

All family issues need to be resolved prior to submission of “Owner Release Pet Profile Form”. As a non profit organization we do not wish to cause upheaval in a family or further agitation between family members.

We are a non profit agency relying on donations, contributions, and sponsorship to maintain the animals in our system and our goal is to help the owner of the pet prior to placement not to relieve the family of an unwanted pet.

We ask that individuals facing long term placement follow these guidelines prior to admission so that evaluation and processing can be done with the least amount of stress and confusion for the pet and owner.