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This form must be filled out complete and with as much detail as possible.  The text boxes have no limitation to the amount you enter.
If you have more than 1 pet to relinquish, please complete separate forms for each pet.
What is the reason for Surrendering Your Pet?
Note:  If the reason is due to medical admission, please CLICK HERE to complete the medical release form, then please come back and complete this Pet Intake Information Form

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Up to date on Vaccinations
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Reason for vet visit
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What is the preferred brand of food?
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How often and what kind of exercise does this pet enjoy?
Please list all medical conditions, including accidents or injuries:
Please list all repetitive medical conditions (Rashes, Ear Infections, Stones, Etc.)
Please list all unusual habits or behaviors (eats rocks, jumps wall, counter surf, etc.)
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What is your pet's behavior ...

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... when going on walks?
... when going for a car ride?
... when getting groomed? (nail clipping, bathing, hair trimming, etc.)
Does this pet respond to his/her name?
Does this pet use a Doggie Door?
Has this pet had obedience training?
Has this pet ever had aggressive behavior?
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Has this pet ever bitten anyone?
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Is this pet destructive when left alone?
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Does this pet have any fears?
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Personality Traits
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  Outgoing / Friendly



  Runs through house

  Allowed on Furniture

  Prefers Crating

  Shy / Timid

  Excessive Barking

  Jumps Fences

  Jumps on People


  Chews Anything

  Counter Surfing

  Uses Scratching Post (Cat)

  Scratches Furniture (Cat)

  Hides Under Beds (Cat or Dog)

  Prefers to be out of cage (Bird)

  Squawking When Cover is On (Bird)

  Flies Through the House (Bird)

This pet prefers to lay on/in ...  




  Pet Bed

  People Bed


  Kennel / Crate



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  By submitting this form electronically, I/we certify legal ownership of this animal. I/We agree to surrender all rights of ownership of the animal listed herein to “Those Left Behind” Foundation. I/We also agree that any outstanding veterinarian bills related to animal listed herein prior to surrender, is the sole responsibility of surrendering family. I/We certify being of legal age (over 21).